Open Field Cultivation


Open Field Cultivation


Open field cultivation for crops only to be cultivated in their growing season, without any additional measures. It is best suitable for areas with minimum climatic variations.

•Soil disinfection
•Workers hygiene
•Tools and containers disinfection
•Water disinfection
•Growing plants disinfection
•Harvested plants disinfection

Green House Farming

Green House Farming is a place where plants are grown commercially  in controlled enviroment. Plants are grown for retail sale, gardening enthusiasts, etc. To avoid cross contamination, timely disinfection is need for healthy growing.

Water Disinfection

•Irrigation water disinfection
•Public water sources disinfection
•Surface water disinfection
•Agricultural wells disinfection
•Re-circulated water disinfection
•Standing water disinfection

Air Fumigation

This effective biocide is diluted at a given concentration and fumigated using a fogging machine to disinfect a particular area. Some common airborne diseases can be protective.


Soil and Surface Disinfection

•Tools and equipment sanitation
•Clothing and shoes disinfection
•Filtration devices disinfection
•Pipeline disinfection
•Drip lines and nozzles disinfection
•Peat cup disinfection
•Capillary mat disinfection
•Sand bed sanitation
•Pruning tools sterilization

Fruits and Vegetables

An alarming percentage of fresh produce perishes long before it reaches the consumer. Washing removes bacteria, including E.coli, from the surface of fruits and vegetables. Washing with typical chemicals after harvest leave a bad taste/ smell leading to consumer rejection, at the same time harmful for human health. Silveroxy-A solution can be sprayed upon, or washed with, to ensure farm-fresh appearance, preserve original taste and quality even after prolonged storage during marketing. Anti-ageing property of silver extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables

  • only to be cultivated in their growing season